Korean Law Demystified!

SBS Report: Traffic Tickets Revoked En Masse (in Korea)!

Last month, the police (in South Chungcheong Province) decided to crack down on school zone speeding violations near/around one specific elementary school. Well, 2,775 violations were documented by one speed camera (in one month). The police sent traffic tickets (to the speeding motorists) but soon found themselves revoking all of them. Why??

Because the ticketed motorists complained fiercely and collectively. Many of them, who were residents in that area, received multiple tickets. (e.g., One person was ordered to pay almost 1 mil won.) And they basically felt they’d been ambushed and arbitrarily singled out. (Two cameras had been there for about a year, yet suddenly in April the police started to photograph violations.) Sadly, the police caved in saying they could/should have done a better job of notifying the public (in advance).


Above is a Seoul police banner saying they are (now) cracking down on scooters operating on sidewalks. More than anything, this tells me they don’t normally enforce these laws. The laws exist, I guess, to apportion blame when shit hits the fan. So it’d be unwise for pedestrians (in Korea) to walk expecting motorists to always live up to their end of the bargain. Wait to see if the car/scooter/bike actually comes to a full stop. Thanks!

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