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Drunken Roughhousing (under Korean Law)


Causing a drunken ruckus in a public place is a minor crime under Korean law. It’s called “Drinking and Disturbance, etc.” (음주소란 등).

– Bad News: You can/will be taken away in cuffs by the police. You can (initially) receive a penalty/fine (범칙금) of up to KRW 100,000.

– Good News: It’s a minor crime (like a misdemeanor in the U.S.), so it won’t end/show up on your criminal record.

Btw, did you know (in Korea) stalking is only a minor crime? The punishment is the same as causing a drunken ruckus (just mentioned)!

Once, a person asked me to write about Korean law on stalking, but there isn’t much to say (except that we need stiffer punishment ASAP).

Oh, there is one thing. If being courted, you need to unequivocally tell him/her: “Stop!” Because Korean police normally intervenes only after you’ve been courted (against your explicit wishes) at least 3 times.

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