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Do People End Up in Jail for Stalking (in Korea)?

A: Well, sort of… It’s possible if repeated threats were involved.

The Ulsan District Court recently sentenced a man to 6 months in prison (no probation) for threatening/stalking a woman he was infatuated with.

Last year, the man had already been found guilty of threatening/stalking the woman. He was sentenced to 6 months in prison (2 years probation). But even after the conviction, he continued. So again, he was indicted and found guilty. And because he was (already) on probation, the court had no choice but to put him behind bars this time. No probation.

What’s interesting is that the (main) law used to convict the man was not directly related to stalking, but related to sending threatening/scary text messages. (See slide above.) He had repeatedly threatened the woman (and people around her) that he would kidnap/impregnate her, etc.

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