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What is the Punishment for Beating Your Child (in Korea)?


Here in Korea, the Changwon District Court recently found a 42-year-old man guilty of child abuse (and sanghae) after he beat his 8-year-old son using a backscratcher. The court ordered him to pay a criminal fine of 1 mil won + attend 40 hours of child abuser’s treatment program. (Link)

Back in March, the man beat his (recalcitrant) son after the son threw the remote at his grandmother, etc. The son ended up with bruises, and a teacher made a report the next day after suspecting child abuse.

According to reports, the man received just a (criminal) fine because he seemed penitent, and the family members did want him punished, etc.

In Korea, teachers have a duty to report suspected cases of child abuse. The number to call is 112. Or, you can call a regional agency found here.

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DID YOU KNOW? In Korea, a backscratcher is called “hand of a devoted son” (효자손). Somewhat ironic this was the item used for the beating.

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