Korean Law Demystified!

In Korea, chances are your accident/incident WAS recorded!


In Korea, almost all motor vehicles are equipped with a black box (i.e., video recording device). This essentially means: any random thing that happened on/near/around the road is more than likely to have been (video) recorded by some passing/parked vehicle.

For example, should anyone happen to fall victim to a hit-and-run, it’s imperative that the victim try to obtain the license plate numbers of any parked cars at the scene. Hit-and-run vehicles tend to take off right away, so it’d be almost impossible to see/remember the hit-and-run vehicle’s license plate number. What you can do though is, check to see whether any parked cars (nearby) happened to record your accident. Worse comes to worst, get ahold of the ambulance license plate number. The ambulance black box could have recorded what cars were at the accident scene. Then, you can contact the owner of those cars.

DID YOU KNOW? Over 90% of hit-and-run drivers are eventually caught in Korea. About 10,000 occur each year.

The police should try all possible means to find the perpetrator. One of my favorite American TV shows is Forensic Files. In one episode, a hit-and-run driver was caught+convicted thanks to tiny paint chips and debris left at the scene. In Korea, police officers sometimes rely on (public) bus black box footage to find/apprehend/incriminate on-the-run criminals. Buses run on fixed routes, so their footage can come in handy if the area has no CCTV. Below: A Korean bus is equipped with several cameras!

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