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How Many Crimes are (Officially) Perpetrated in South Korea?

A: Around 2 mil a year. (That’s about 1 every 15 secs.)

The above stat is from the (Korean) Supreme Prosecutors’ Office website: https://www.spo.go.kr/spo/info/stats/stats02.jsp

Interestingly, around 30% of all crimes are (normally) traffic-related crimes. Just wanted to share these figures. Thanks!


3 Responses to “How Many Crimes are (Officially) Perpetrated in South Korea?”

  1. Amy

    I have a question about what constitutes assault. Does physical contact have to be made for it to be considered illegal?

    Scenario: You are walking home from work. You notice someone following you so you start walking faster. They continue following you and it’s now clear they are pursuing you. You start running. They start running after you. Luckily, before they manage to catch you, someone sees this happening and stops the person from chasing you. Technically, thus person didn’t physically hurt you but from the context it’s rational to assume you were in danger. Would this be considered assault on the part of the pursuer?

  2. RA

    Hi Klawguru, I desperately need an advice from you.

    I’m from Malaysia, on 2013 I came to Korea for exchange program at Busan. There was one day, together with some university friend I met at Busan, we went together to Haeundae Beach.

    I’m a freelance photograher and I love taking photograph. So I did take some photos on beach with some bikini girls in it. Suddenly there is a patrol police came to me and wanted me to show them the photos I took and then they took me to police station nearby.

    I was in shock when I was told that I was committing a crime on sexual harassment with bikini girl inside my photos. I tried to defend myself but when my korean friend and university advisor came to help, they told me to admit the crime and to be nice to the police as if I defend and refuse to admit the crime, worse punishment may come to me. They actually did their best to help me and defend me by telling police as a foreigner, I do not know it is a crime to take photo at a public place.I admit taking other people photo without permission is wrong, but I just never thought it is a crime.

    After I admitted my wrong doing and with some paperworks which I do not understand the meaning, I signed and settle this case and left.

    They deleted my photos which they think it’s sexual content and let me go.

    I thought I was just getting a warning on this but I was wrong, on yesterday 10th of May, I return to Korea with my Girlfriend this time for vacation.

    I was stopped by the immigration officer and I was asked to go into their office. After they do some works, they told me I was prohibited to enter Korea FOREVER because of the case previously.

    So I get deported and back to Malaysia Today.

    For my first visit on Korea and after the case happened, I left Korea without any problem. They didn’t tell me I couldn’t come back anymore and I didn’t get fine or punishment on the case so I thought it was just a warning to me but I was wrong, now I was recorded with a criminal record in Korea!

    I wish to get advice from you is, is that possible I could make an appeal to this ? I’m not committing a serious crime like stealing or harming anyone, I just did a crime which I don’t even know it’s a crime! Banning me from entering Forever is just too serious to me.

    I hope you can give some advice on this to me, Thank you


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