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How Many Crimes are (Officially) Perpetrated in South Korea?

A: Around 2 mil a year. (That’s about 1 every 15 secs.)

The above stat is from the (Korean) Supreme Prosecutors’ Office website: https://www.spo.go.kr/spo/info/stats/stats02.jsp

Interestingly, around 30% of all crimes are (normally) traffic-related crimes. Just wanted to share these figures. Thanks!


2 Responses to “How Many Crimes are (Officially) Perpetrated in South Korea?”

  1. Amy

    I have a question about what constitutes assault. Does physical contact have to be made for it to be considered illegal?

    Scenario: You are walking home from work. You notice someone following you so you start walking faster. They continue following you and it’s now clear they are pursuing you. You start running. They start running after you. Luckily, before they manage to catch you, someone sees this happening and stops the person from chasing you. Technically, thus person didn’t physically hurt you but from the context it’s rational to assume you were in danger. Would this be considered assault on the part of the pursuer?


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