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[KPOP] SECHSKIES – Will You Remember (Lyrics)

The all-time fan-favorite SECHSKIES song. From their 1st album.

Their debut: April 1997. Above performance: September 1997.

우리는 아직 어리다는 말 그 말이 전분 아냐
너를 기다린 지금까지 참았던 나지만

(People) say we’re still too young, but that isn’t everything

I’ve had to endure waiting for you all this time

너 혼자 겪어야할 아픔을 나누지 못하고
돌아서야 하는 내가 더 미워 울었었어

Unable to share in the pain you’d go through

I cried hating myself for having to turn my back

만날 때마다 느낀 슬픈 얼굴 보며
함께 있어 주기를 바랬었지만
너의 침묵이 나를 더 슬프게 했어

Whenever we met, hoped you’d feel the sadness in my face

And be/stay (here) with me

But your silence only made me sadder

차라리 내가 밉다고 말을 한다면
나의 마음이 편할 거야
넌 알고 있니 나의 사랑은 너였음을

If you’d just say that you disliked me

I’d (actually) feel more comfortable

Did you know that my true love was (always) you

너를 나의 전부로 만들지는 말라고 했던 니 말
아마도 오늘을 준비 했기에 눈물을 보인 거야

When you told me not to make you my everything

The tears (I) shed were maybe to prepare myself for today

나 안녕 이라는 말로 너를 떠나겠지만은
기억해 줄 수 있니 우리 서로 사랑 한 것을

I shall (now) leave you by saying good-bye

But will you remember, we were once in love

NOTE: I found the lyrics to this song extremely hard to translate. The lyrics sound beautiful in Korean. I apologize.

Last year during a special reunion performance. It was the first time all 6 had gotten together since May 2000 when they last sang this song as sort of a farewell to their fans. (Before this day, Jiwon and Jaejin hadn’t seen Jiyong for the last 16 years.)


4 Responses to “[KPOP] SECHSKIES – Will You Remember (Lyrics)”

  1. Jen

    Those big suits! Why did we think that was a good look? I miss some of the 90s fashion styles, but not that one. It seems like big (thankfully not 90s big) suits are coming back into style, and I’m not happy about that. But I’m not a guy and I don’t wear men’s suits, so my opinion doesn’t really matter.

    Thanks for posting this! I can definitely see why this was their most popular song.

    • Juwon Kang

      Um… I like big suits? 😦 Yeah, this song was sang as their farewell song to their fans… The top video is a famous video (among fans) because Jaeduk bumps into Jiwon (who’s trying to contain himself). Haha.

      • Jen

        Ha, that will teach me to say anything about fashion. 🙂 I still love plaid flannel shirts, so I guess it’s hypocritical to say anything bad about 90s clothes.

        I didn’t catch Jaeduk’s bump the first time around, so I’m going to watch the video again. Thanks for pointing that out. 🙂

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